Turn from the Moskva-Don highway at the road sign “Bogoroditsk” and in a quarter of an hour you'll get to a wonderful place in the Tula region, the former estate of count Bobrinsky and you can easily transfer yourself two centuries  ago. At that time the estate was considered to be 'worth of seeing’. The founder of the family and the first owner of “the marvelous estate of Bogoroditsk” was the son of Catharine II and Gregogy Orlov.
    “There are no more splendour and luxuries which once were here, but the trace of delicate taste in everything is unfirgetable”. It was not our contemporary who said that. The words belong to a traveler of the early years of the last century. In the 18 century “the splendid house of count Bobrinsky on the flat hill” and more over “the enormous garden” were “the wonder of the place”.
    Now, as in the old centuries, during spring leaves'  murmure and autumn leaves'  fall, blooming of the summer flowers  and in severe Russian winters we admire the architectural ensemble, rebuilt from ruins.
    Welcome and see this noble classic palace and the beauty of the simple nature by your own eyes.


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