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Visitors can book the following excursions:

1. Tour of museum with access to the observation deck.
Duration - 2 academic hours.

2. Walking tour through the park with a visit to Kazan Church.
Duration - 1.5 academic hours.

3. Walking tour of the historic part of Bogoroditska with the remaining elements of planning XVIII - XIX centuries.
Duration - 1.5 academic hours.

Completed with a group from a single visitor.


Схема проезда


Museum Hours:

from March 1 until November 11, from 11 to 18 hours
from November 1 until March 1, from 10 to 17 hours.

Cashier stopped for 30 minutes before the closing of the museum.

Выходной день – понедельник. Weekend day - Monday.
Last Thursday of the month - sanitary day.


301800, city Bogoroditsk the Tula region,
Дворец-музей и парк The Palace Museum and Park


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(48761) 2-25-32


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Satellite view

 Богородицкий дворец-музей и парк.